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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sheep May Safely Graze, but for How Long?

I had a stricken e-mail y’day from  our lovely next-door neighbour in mid-Wales to say she’d just heard the field immediately behind our houses had been sold, so now she is dreading what may be done with it, if all or any of it will be built  on, etc, etc.  She loves the may tree as so many birds congregate there (see the photo on my blog page - above - for the very tree, with a contented sheep in its shade), and I love the ponies and the sheep when they are in the field, and of course we all love our uninterrupted rural views.  I am trying not to get too down-hearted but it was a bit of a shock to add to the general stress levels of our life as it is at present.  I’ve replied not too fret too much but keep an eye out for any planning applications, especially for housing with nothing affordable for local young people.

Hey ho!  It seems it never rains but it pours when life is stressful...

The Husband says if they fill the entire field with houses and ruin the view we can get a little  house in town and a flat on the coast when he retires instead

We’ll work something out.  But it’s much more grim for Our Neighbours as it’s been their home for decades and it’s their only property.  Fingers crossed for them, eh?

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