The many and various ways I pass the time now has a new addition. Usually it involves drinking coffee whilst sitting at a computer keeping in touch with chums, or sipping wine sitting on our tiny terrace catching the sun, and wondering what else I can do to avoid any cleaning or tidying or putting away of stuff and things that aren't even MINE. And now I am going to type this blog. Provided that doesn't become a chore as well, in which case...

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mothering Sundays Past (and Presents!)

Flowers 2012

Somewhere in a box or case filled with my paraphernalia and memorabilia is my very first Mother's Day card from The Daughter, received in March 1981, the self-same month she was born.  If I could be bothered to get this laptop off my knee and my spreading bum off this comfy sofa, I could probably lay my hand to it within a quarter or a half an hour.  But I am settled here, so I am relying on memory instead.  I do know that my infant child was a mere fortnight or so old when I received it, so I suspect an outside agency was a work.  In fact I know my mother bought it and inscribed therein "on behalf of H------ L----", her two almost brand-new Christian names.

Now, thirty-two years later, she sends her own card, (this year it is early and on the mantelpiece already) and most years she can be relied upon to get it here in time.  Last year it lay in her handbag unnoticed for a few days, and that oversight plus a second-class stamp meant it was several days late.  When I meeped and chizzed that I'd had nothing on the day (The Daughter is my/our only child, The Husband's first marriage was childless) except from The Dog, courtesy of The Husband, she ordered a bouquet via Interflora which arrived on the Monday morning, as a consolation prize surprise.

I set a bit of store by Mothering Sunday, as you can no doubt guess.  The thing is, all my best beloveds have birthdays in March (The Daughter's is 12 March, The Dog's is 17 March and the Husband's is 21 March) so it is quite an expensive month for me.  A spot of Mother's Day indulgence in return goes a little way to redressing the balance...! 

I have just noticed that the five-day UK weather forecast predicts a chance of snow in quite a lot of areas on Sunday.  If it does come down, stick and settle, then that might mess up a few families' plans to celebrate.  Heavy snow in March is not unheard of in the UK, and when I was growing up on the Lancashire moors one of the heaviest and most sudden and disruptive falls I can recall happened well into April.

So here is a general greeting to mothers everywhere in the UK (I do realise in the USA your mothers get their day later in the year) to say I hope your card etc arrives by Saturday and you make it out to the celebratory lunch without mishap, or - if they are coming to you - your guests arrive on time and unflustered by wintry showers.

Myself, I will be marvelling at The Dog's ability to shop for and prepare breakfast in bed on a tray, which The Husband tells me he is very conscientious about remembering to do for me, year-in year-out.  Smart pooch, eh?


  1. Those are gorgeous flowers, Baby Sis. :-)

    There's a card from DD sitting on my desk unopened until Sunday and it's a toss-up whether DS will remember in time/at all. :-) I only started to get Mother's Day cards when the children reached school-age and came home from school with their own creations as DH just doesn't DO cards....

    I hope to goodness we don't get snow on Sunday as I'm taking two services for Mothering Sunday and hate driving in snow.

  2. Actually, I have just thoroughly enjoying a Mothering Friday. I had a fuss made of me 48hrs early as The Husband bought flowers, fizz, and a small plant on behalf of The Daughter, The Dog and The Birds, respectively, but failed to smuggle them into the house without my seeing, so he just handed them over straightaway.

    I shall open my cards on the day, though...

  3. A double celebrations sounds like a very good idea. :-)

    1. Introduce your DH to this poem, by John Hegley. I think he will enjoy it;

      Smothering Sunday

      To a wonderful mother
      with wrinkly skin,
      this card was concocted
      by one of your kin.
      I hope that you like it
      it's specially for you,
      I've sprinkled some glitter
      on top of some glue.
      I don't like the bought ones
      I thought you should know,
      they're too superficial
      and two quid a throw
      some of them.

      This poem is from Can I Come Down Now Dad?