The many and various ways I pass the time now has a new addition. Usually it involves drinking coffee whilst sitting at a computer keeping in touch with chums, or sipping wine sitting on our tiny terrace catching the sun, and wondering what else I can do to avoid any cleaning or tidying or putting away of stuff and things that aren't even MINE. And now I am going to type this blog. Provided that doesn't become a chore as well, in which case...

Friday, 10 May 2013

Let Me Please Introduce You To...

 The Dog Weighs Up The Interloper

 The Dog is Singularly Unimpressed

 Outside Her New Abode

The Husband Gazes Fondly Upon Her

...The Little Green Dragon.

We are hoping she will not be as high-maintenance as a drag(on) queen.  So far she has been quite obliging.  Well, she has started every time she's been asked.

Dragons are keepers of secrets and guardians of treasure, if I recall aright, as well as scaring the locality out of its wits with noisy fire-breathing fly-pasts. 

Seems awfully appropriate name for an old sports car that has come to rest in Wales, which is British Racing Green, and whose registration plate starts LGD.


  1. Hari OM
    Oh these are superb shots! The Dog does indeed look like he's working for the Car Reviewer of the Year... &*> Trust she continues to start well and for ever. Great W/end to you! YAM xx

    1. Yes, I'll SWEAR The Dog nudge a tyre with his paw as he passed, as though kicking it.

      He is actually quite tolerant of his Baby Sister, provided he is asked to snuggle down behind the seats on his shelf and join us for a jaunt. When we get a good sunny hot dry day and bowl along the thirty miles to the seaside in her I don't know who shall enjoy it the most of the three of us!

      It'll be a toss up.

      Enjoy your time off too, assuming you are allowed any...

    2. Hari Om
      ....time off??? The time we are not bum-on-seat is spent in contemplation and reviewing in order to regurgitate - either verbally or written. Never-ending; that includes the rollaround week. Hence tend to lose track of which day am on.

      But that's not hard with menopolyixia!!! As you'll have gathered, I MAKE my breaks by gambolling amongst the blogflowers. :)

      Am praying you get a glorious Sunday so's you can try out that theory on The Dog. (..hehhehh, nudged a tyre....BOL).

      Also just realised you have revamped the site - Hello Marion good bye GOL? Excellent. Lovely. Plus HUGS. YAM xx

    3. Yes, well, you see, I have just had the most radical of haircuts (think Buddhist's a number 2 all over) to get rid of the dry-as-hay over-bleached blonde and go back to my natural dark mouse, so I am not going to GOLDEN any more. Apart from my jewellery, which is all yellow gold. And my tan, I suppose, when the weather will let me have one.

      I am loving the no-hair feel. For the first time since I was 49 (seven years ago) and put on Tamoxifen, I do not sweat around my neck and chest in a warm room or bed at night any more. I feel cool and unencumbered.

      Bizarre! The idea was to grow it to about 1" all over and keep it at that but I am awfully tempted to get the electric clippers out once a month in the summer at least...

      When does this course at the ashram finish? Is the idea to be part of a spiritual community for life now, or will you re-enter the lower spheres of much less enlightened human existence again?

      It sounds very intense, demanding and disciplined to me, you have my undying admiration! I am attempting to do the absolute opposite, and lighten it up, cool it down and take it easy now I am in my mid-fifties. Think of a mix of just-about-acceptable sloth and mild intellectual stimulus, with plenty of silliness chucked in for good measure!

      Hugging ya right back!


      YES those are my full initials. The Husband has two MGBs to take care of now!

    4. Hari OM
      ....stay tuned to the blog - am doing the "slow reveal"! We are actually in our final few months and the atmosphere is changing as the thought of 'outside' hits home.

      Would be good if you 'zoomed' like the LGD!. That's all for this one I think..... xx

      OOohh Pee Ess - (just read down the page) I am sticking with Google and Blogger combined. Perpetua gave me the heads-up on this too. Actually, anyone can read Google stuff, but comment not. (Like I have one or two devoted to booking face, which I refuse to do, so they can't see my wonderful commenting style in action...8[ .. Lord did I just say that?) Also it felt very "exposed" even for me. this system is much more personal, albeit open.

      What I AM doing though and it is working (if it's what you want) is sharing my posts on the public page of Profiler. One or two of those have been plussed rather than on the pages themselves and this has generated interest. A good tool in that respect.

      It's fun getting all techy...:-) xx

    5. Techy for techy's sake has always bothered me, alienated me, even, so I can never get on board if it is put to me like that. BUT, if a bit of techno-techno enables me to do something more simply and easily than I had been previously struggling to achieve before, then I will adopt it, if it suits me (and my poor benighted and shortened memory can absorb it).

      Which is a big IF nowadays.

      Saturday afternoon here. I am making samosas and the sun is out. I've had worse days...


  2. Amazing how eloquent the rear end of a dog can be....

    1. Especially with The Dog's always-jaunty "carrot tail", as the breed standard describes it.

      However, a cat's puckered rear orifice is infintely more disdainful, I would aver.

  3. Now there's a sight to whisk me back to my more youthful days, Baby Sis. Of course she is a green dragon. What other colour could there be for a real MG?

    PS Having joined Google+, please don't be tempted to implement Google+ comments for your blog or the rest of us won't be able to comment. Sad but true.....

  4. Honestly? Google+ is where I follow some other blogs, so I just clicked on something thinking that would make it easier to follow them and comment. GGGRRRR to Googles's meglomania!

  5. No problem if you just want to follow certain blogs and comment on them in your Google+ circles, as long as you keep the Blogger commenting system for your own blog. A certain amount of hell was let loose last month when the Google+ comment system was released and people started implementing it on their blogs without knowing that this would mean that no-one outside Google+ would be able to comment or even read comments. In addition there are problems about moderating comments and other stuff. If you want to know more, there's a useful article at: