The many and various ways I pass the time now has a new addition. Usually it involves drinking coffee whilst sitting at a computer keeping in touch with chums, or sipping wine sitting on our tiny terrace catching the sun, and wondering what else I can do to avoid any cleaning or tidying or putting away of stuff and things that aren't even MINE. And now I am going to type this blog. Provided that doesn't become a chore as well, in which case...

Friday, 3 May 2013

Up and About and Raring to Go....ish

I did a brief Facebook status update about the mid-Welsh weather at about 8.00am today, and it quickly elicited a comment from a dear old friend who lives in the Dordogne.  She has done for years.  I was not a retirement move, they emigrated there when her son was still primary-school age, and when she was still running a scientific writing business together with her husband.  Her husband and her son are French nationals now, as it is some twenty years ago, almost, since the family embarked on its huge adventure.  She, however, remains resolutely British, although as much of a Francophile as ever.  I digress. 

She quipped;

You're up early, [Goldenoldenlady]!

I said she knew me of old...

I smiled wrily, and replied thus;

Yes, J____, it's because
a) it's almost summer and my SAD has finally lifted

b) if I stay in bed I feel worse, with this bronchitis

c) I only drink alcohol in the afternoons these days, usually, so no more morning hangovers
d) I love having The Husband at home now he has retired and we quite enjoy our morning routines. 

It will be like this until October, unless I have a very late night for some reason I am definitely a girl of two halves these days, there is a Winter version and a Summer one.

Top o' the maaarnin' t'ya!

Then another adorable friend who's known me even longer, since we shared a flat at Manchester University more than three decades ago, chipped in with;

Love it when you are in summer mode, me being an early bird, get to see more of you! Z___ x

To which I rejoindered;

And that is a good thing because...?

Then she clicked that she LIKED my last sentence

And all before I've even changed out of my PJs.  I LOVE Facebook...


  1. Hari Om
    It's great to connect - however it happens! Hope the day is continuing well and here's to a grand weekend. ... not that we get one of those here...
    Hugs, YAM xx

    1. Better than just a weekend, it's a Bank Holiday w/e, which is so nice for all the wage slaves. In the SE of England, where the majority of the UK's gainfully employed have congregated in recent decades (your Northern English + Welsh regionalist cynicism is showing, GOL) it is even set fair, with 18-20c promised, and little or no rain.

      I predict BBQs. Expect a large plume of faint blue smoke to rise over Blighty on Sunday afternoon.

      We may head for the coast. Can't see why not.


    2. Hah! Smoke signals to India - there's some kind of irony in there - if I could get my tired ol' brain around it. Aitch just this minute reported 19 degrees and grasscutting from Suffolk, so it's looking promising right enough!! xx

    3. I got a (probably slightly dodgy) reading of 22c on my garden thermometer at about 2.00pm yesterday. It is fixed to a brick wall out of any direct sun, in an alcove which is always in the shade, in fact. Good for Aitch for getting going on the grass, especially if that means she can sit on it in glorious guiltlessness for the rest of the w/e.

      The Husband cut the lawns front and back this morning. That is a good hour's exercise, by the time all the raking and sweeping is done as well. No need for a bike ride today...

  2. Gosh, you lark, you! I was awake early this morning too, but it isn't part of a pattern and two days ago I didn't wake until well after 9. I have a bad habit of reading into the early hours when I'm enjoying a good book, as now.....

    Monday looks like being our best day, with temperatures like those we enjoyed in your garden yesterday. :-)

    1. I try to get lights out and head down before midnight, or I get hungry again and start raiding the fridge in the small hours! I have pretty much given up reading fiction nowadays. I blame that degree in English Lit, and teaching the same to GCSE and A Level. My book-reading is nearly all non-fiction, especially biographies and volumes of letters, nowadays, or poetry and philosophy. Only popular philisophy (eg Alain be Botton) can't cope with Kirkegaard et al...don't want brainache!

    2. Whereas I read mostly fiction, as always. If studying and teaching Eng Lit puts one off reading fiction, I'm awfully glad I did Modern Languages. :-) DH is the one for early(ish) to sleep, but unless I read for a while I simply don't feel sleepy. I'm definitely an owl....

    3. I think a lot of other students assume that Englsh students are all madly devouring novels by the yard preparatory to the attempt to write their own as soon as they graduate! I know my medical student next-door neighbour in my first year did!

      Whereass I preferred drama, and even more so poetry. But more than any literary genre I preferred my language studies, epecially dialectology, as you may recall. In fact I had a place to do an MA in Dialectology at Leeds starting in October 1980 but decided not to take it up because the little matter of discovering I was pregnant with The Daughter intervened somewhat!

      I poot until I am sleepy, on my cute little notebook...

    4. Which I can't do, not being on wifi here. Computing is at my desk or not at all.