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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

See-Saw, Marjorie Daw

I have had a request to blog about the weekend, the one just gone which promised perfection and delivered it in spades, but I am still waiting for a photo to illustrate it, so cannot fulfil the order just yet.

Meanwhile I have been researching Vascular Dementia to pass on some basic information to a niece, who has kindly agreed to Our Ma-sit so all the more junior members of the family can attend a wedding in Spain in early August, but still leaving the matriarch with someone she can call on by phone as well as the professional carers who attend to her needs.  I found an excellent site, which also had pages on other mental conditions, including Bipolar Disorder.  I have Bipolar Disorder I.  Twenty-one years ago this month I was admitted for the first time onto a psych ward, at the age of 33, to be given rest and respite (asylum, in other words, from a life that had become so impossible to endure that my deluded mind was in a state of manic psychosis) and for the staff to be able to achieve 24-hour monitoring, and eventually a diagnosis and the beginnings of life-long treatment.

Today I am not going to keep a dog and bark myself.  Instead of offering my critique of the article, or my lengthy observations about it, I am giving you a link to the site itself.

It is the best single page of information on this condition I have ever read; clear, free of jargon, positive and ultimately full of hope.  In the 21 years since I have been diagnosed as seriously Bipolar I,  I have felt the mystery and much of the stigma surrounding such mental conditions gradually lift, due in no small part to the educational potential of the internet.

I hope by publicising this link I can lighten the darkness yet more.

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  1. What an excellent article! If only this kind of information had been easily available in the past, a lot of people might have sought treatment earlier. Keep up the good work.